Streaming Belly Dance Videos With Chapters

[covertplayerflowplayerembed trcovertwebm=”” trcovertmp4=”″ trcovertogg=”” trvideowidth=”640″ trvideoheight=”480″ trcontroltype=”functional” trhidecontrolbar=”” trplaybutton=”play-button” trasidetime=”” trcolorlight=”” trnotime=”” trnovolume=”” trnomute=”” trfixedcontrols=”” trnotoggle=”” trcontrolbarcolor=”000000″ trtimelinecolor=”000000″ trprogresscolor=”DB0000″ trbuffercolor=”F9F9F9″ trsplashimageurl=”” trautoplay=”” trloop=”” tralignvideo=”left” trthumburl=”” trthumbwidth=”200″ trthumbheight=”150″ trpreload=”preload” trtransparent=”” trnocontrolbarcolor=”” trembedding=”embed” trfullscreen=”full” trhtmloverlaystart=”” troverlaystarthtml=”” trstartbgcolor=”” trstarthtmlwidth=”” trstarthtmlheight=”” trstartpaddingleft=”” trstartpaddingtop=”” trhtmloverlayend=”” troverlayendhtml=”” trendbgcolor=”” trendhtmlwidth=”” trendhtmlheight=”” trendpaddingleft=”” trendpaddingtop=”” trposterbgcolor=””]One of the big drawbacks with streaming instructional video content of any kind, be it Belly Dancing, Martial Arts or anything is the fact that viewers had to watch from start to finish! You couldn’t go from chapter to chapter like you can with your remote control. Because of this the value of streaming instructional content was somewhat diminished simply because of the time it would take to find the exact place in the video you wanted to start viewing from. Well, I’m ecstatic to announce that (at least here at Belly Dance Village) this little annoying inconvenience will soon be washed from the face of the planet.

We’ve already converted Hip Mastery Volume I and will have all the videos converted to chapter navigation by the end of March. It’s really easy. You can select a chapter from a box below the video or you can use the controls on the player to step forward or back. Either way now you won’t have to waste any time streaming from the start, or suffering pauses or delays if you use the slider bar. The (new) player loads the new chapter really fast with very little pause or delay.

Now if you come here and watch the 1st two chapters for example, when you come back tomorrow you can go right to chapter 3, or any chapter you want without delay. The video below (which is the same video on the home page) will walk you through the process or better yet you can just go to Hip Mastery Volume I now and try it out for yourself…..and if you do please take just a moment, or two to leave some feedback in the comment box. Let us know if this is good, bad, great or whatever your feelings, thoughts or feedback happens to be.

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