The Art Of Arms, Online Belly Dance Class

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Preview The Art of Arms Framing Your Dance Story Online Belly Dance Class

online belly dance classes the art of armsUsing Your Arms to Frame Belly Dance Your Dance Story

Arms is an area you don’t want to not ignore, to because they can can make or break your performance if you don’t know what to do………. or more importantly what not to do.

You want to be able to frame your movement and direct the attention of your audience with your arms and hands and do it in a way that naturally blends into your choreography.

This DVD is going to show you the finer points of how to bring your arms (and your hands by the way) into your dancing in a way that really shows you (to your audience) to be the accomplished fully developed, well rounded performing artist that you want to be, that you are becoming.67 minutes,  2 chapters

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Beginning Belly Dance Vol 3, Basic Arms

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Preview Beginning Belly Dance Vol 3 Basics Arms w/Fish Hands, Wrist Twists & Snake Arms

Beginning Belly Dance Vol 3, Basics Arms W/Wrist Twists, Snake Arms and Fish Hands
online belly dance class beginning belly dance volume 3Bringing in and adding your arms to your basic thrust, abs and chest work will begin to complete your dance. You’ll learn basic arm positioning as well as the classic wrist twists, fish hand and snake arms with the fun Mayonnaise Jar exercise.

You’ll get a chance to bring all of this together at the end with basic thrusting and you’ll really start to feel more of your “dance self” starting to emerge.

54 Minutes, 4 Chapters. For help and support and answers to any question about this video, leave a comment below and I’ll reply within 24 to 48 hours.

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