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Belly Dance Village by Leyla Najma

Dance From Within & Create a Style of Your Own!


Hip Mastery is the best series I’ve found so far for teaching how to put together
Egyptian Cabaret moves together into memorable combinations. Murwanna

"I have looked at and bought other belly dance DVD’s….. Even the last one looks like an
amateur compared to Leyla. I will stick with Leyla” Shelly

I love the way you are showing how to do these moves.
Showing moves from the side, makes it easier to see what you are doing .
You have tremendous talent. I look forward to trying to learn more. Thank you, Pam

Hey Leyla! I am SO happy I found your website!!!
I used to have a problem with back pain but since I started your lessons, it’s gone way down!
When I have back pain I practice dancing & it goes away!

Detailed & specific instructions. I’ve viewed a few beginning videos and you were the only one
who gave specifics for how to hold arms-fingers, and pelvis.
Most just tell you to slightly bend knees and hold arms out. Great instructing. Aletha

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Goddess Anquet, Embracing Lady

This Egyptian Goddess inspired online belly dance class is one in a series produced for on the go dancers wanting a new combo without watching 60 min video.

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Leyla Interviews Sakti Rinek

Leyla Najma of Belly Dance Village Interviews Sakti Rinek| Sakti brings a wealth of information and advice any dancer will benefit from.

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Transforming Into Leyla Najma

For the most part I found it easier to cowboy and deal with a stampeding herd of Mexican steers than to figure out my sole purpose and place in belly dance.

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Testimonials for Leyla Najma

I’d have to say you guys have the best deal running with cost, content, and customer service.  What I like most about the site is the organization. I like the way the video categories are set up, both by level and below by topic. I also like that the videos that are there stay there and don’t disappear.  I know where to find them whenever I go.  The layout is very pleasing (for BellydanceVillage)
Sarah KellyGeorgia